Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing the system.

I read about a woman being deported to the Middle East for illegally entering Canada and, subsequently, having her refugee application denied.

Well, it turns out, she still wants to stay (a bit of advice - follow the proper procedures and you probably have a better chance) and she has spoken about her estranged husband killing her (an honour killing) when she is returned to Pakistan.

I have so many questions right now (I don't expect she would provide any straight answers, as they probably wouldn't jive with her sob story and, thus, no one would feel sorry for her), but here are two, for starters:

1. You entered Canada illegally and did not inform Canadian officials. Why did you keep in touch with a man who is going to murder you? Not only that, you give him specifics about your life that will help him find you and kill you. (I can just imagine the Facebook or Twitter note - "Hi jerk, I am being deported from Canada back to Pakistan on April 28. I arrive at 2:00 p.m. (Pakistani Standard Time). Please meet me there and then lop my head off. Hate, Aneesh P.S. I'll be wearing my best burqa and hijab.)

2.As murder (honour killing or not) is illegal in Pakistan, why doesn't she try going to the authorities? Better yet, stay away from your murderous husband.

Playing on people's sympathies is pretty low and it seems this is the lastest 'game' played by immigrants trying desperately to stay in our country illegally. It seems so many of them conjure up stories of persecution/prosecution in hopes of being allowed to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds.

It follows 'hot-on-the-heels' of the other great 'game' - 'Where's my passport?'. That's where a wannabe refugee boards a plane, boat...whatever in their home country with a passport and, somewhere along the line, they lose said passport and attempt to seek refugee status in Canada. It worked very well, as their immigration system is full of corruption, holes, weak laws and little enforcement. They can lay the blame for their immigration mess on Pierre Elliot Trudeau (but that's a whole other blog and I have no interest in writing it.)
I have travelled out of country many, many times and not once have I lost my passport.

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