Saturday, April 18, 2009

I got 3 words for you...

Go fuck yourself. Shall we begin? Let's get started. Drop the needle. Drop dead gorgeous. Drop your drawers. Give and go. Go away home. Bow your head. Let us pray. Praise the Lord. Fuck the world. Wear a condom. Blow me dry. Call me dusty. Feel my pain. Settle the score. Nice putt, Alliss. No means no. Four more years. Bait and switch. Shake your booty. Catch and release. Compile a list. Stock the shelves. No parking anytime. Check the facts. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Release the hounds. Settle the score. Bone up, baby. Set the table. Suck my wake. Eat my dust. Eat my shit. Eat my pussy. Butter your muffin. Steal the show. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me harder. No means harder. Wives and girlfriends. Sign here, please. Watch your mouth. Follow my lead. Follow the leader. Turn it up. Tune in tomorrow. Answer the phone. Pull the trigger. Pull my finger. Pull a prank. Pull no punches. Spike the punch. Punch the clock. Punch and Judy. Shirk your responsibility. Clean your clock. Wag the dog. Fuck the dog. Screw the pooch. Frequently Asked Questions. Swallow your pride. Pride and prejudice. Lessen the blow. At all costs. To the finish. Make ends meet. Shut your hole. Shut the door. Just shut up. Fly the coop. Fly the skies. Skis 'n boots. Boots or Hearts. Trip and fall. Call the number. Eat my pussy. Join the forces. Fshizzle my dizzle. Rub my back. Here, drink this. Smoke my pole. Burp and fart. Call the cops. Here I am. Where are you? Over the moon. Over the mountain. Get over yourself. Get a life. Close the door. Open a window. Light a match. Spin the wheel. I miss you. I love you. Hugs and kisses. Rape and pillage. Spit or swallow. Coffee or tea. Cash or credit. Red or white. She's a beauty. Take a chance. Live it up. Just do it. This is stupid. Consider the facts. What's the plan?Leave your mark. Take a picture. Read my lips. Pull a prank. Run with it. Go for it. Sink the ship. Buy a vowel. Let it ride. Let 'er rip. Tip a cow. Tip your server. Get me one. Take a shit. Drop a load. Float a log. Float a tuna. Root beer float. Ebony and Ivory. Cream and sugar. Bob and weave. Hit and run. Mix it up. Let me out. Dare to compare. Chew the fat. Shoot the breeze. Shoot the shit. Shoot the moon. Shoot the messenger. File a complaint. Count your blessings. Write this down. Put it away. Put it in. Slide it in. Lick it up. Spark it up. All lit up. Heaven's on fire. Snap, Crackle, Pop. A sizable donation. Flip the bird. Gain your composure. Clean your plate. Clean your clock. Clean your room. Room to move. The big picture. Flush the toilet. Brush your teeth. Powder your nose. Run for it. Cut the cord. Boil some water. Break the chain. Break a leg. Break the monotony. Break and enter. Ain't my job. Ain't my kid. Ain't my problem. Ain't love grand? Rest in peace. It's 'Go' time. Send a text. File under 'G'. Open it up. Ask your mum. Shake the bug. Rock the establishment. Rock the boat. Rock the vote. Rock and Roll. Who's bot tickets? Stir the pot. Pile it on. Chuck you, Farley. Ham it up. Ham and Swiss. Hammy the hamster. Stop the presses. Cut your losses. Cut it out. Cut the cord. Boil some water. Stand and deliver. Hustle and flow. Twist and shout. Dog eat dog. Hang 'em high. Till the end. In the end. End it now. Our dearly departed. With deepest regret. Get a job. Cut your hair. Ride to live. Live to ride. Around the bend. Down the street. Down a beer. Run with it. On the run. Runnin' on empty. Fire it up. Have a pull. Take a drag. Cross your legs. Follow that car. In the end. At the drive-in. Way back when. Fix your hair. Fix your package. Get your fix. Jump the fence. Jump the shark. Jump your bones. Blow your wad. Blow your nose. Blow your man. Light it up. Time will tell. Follow your nose. Lick your wounds. Lickin' my chops. A better offer. Or best offer. Tax and tip. Tax and spend. Go for it. Ride the rocket. Yo Yo Yo. Yo Yo Ma. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk. Up your kilt. Send a card. File your taxes. Step on it. Spare some change? Change your underwear. Buy and sell. Crash and burn. At your request. Available upon request. Jerk yourself off. Sit 'n spin. Stop and go. Stop the insanity. Jump for joy. Hail a cab. Cop a feel. Cops and robbers. Go to bed. Binge and purge. Grievous Bodily Harm. Stop that man. I hear ya. As per you. Flip 'em over. Spruce it up. Fuck it up. Fuck it altogether. Blow your mind. Ready, Aim, Fire. Ready the troops. Take your man. Cover your man. Shave your pussy. Shave her pussy. Suck my balls. Break a leg. Slice of bread. Bread and water. Bottle of pop. Bag of chips. Pop and chips. Fork and knife. Spaghetti and meatballs. Fish and chips. Burger and fries. HP and CB. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Cut the crap. Cut the lawn. Rake the lawn. Mow the lawn. Push it in. Pull it out. Pull the shoot. Pull your goalie. Pulled pork sandwiches. Flash your badge. Flash your tits. Whip 'em out. Shake 'em, baby. Stir the pot. Smoke some pot. Pot-bellied pig. Smoke my pole. Roll a joint. Puff, puff, pass. Pass the puck. Stick and puck. Stick 'em up. Up the ante. Lock and load. Follow your nose. Follow your heart. Location, location, location. Wrap it up. (Remember that one.) Pick your nose. Know your shit. Start the stopwatch. Butter your muffin. Watch my back. Watch your back. Fly the coop. Storm the barricades. Press your luck. Pass the buck. What the fuck? No such luck. Fuck the dog. Screw the pooch. Know your shit. Back me up. Drop me off. Drop the needle. Spank the monkey. Choke your chicken. Bleed my lizard. Maintain your buzz. Kill your buzz. Buzz the tower. Give and go. Past the post. You're an idiot. I've had enough. I gotta go. Just one mo'.

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