Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maybe she likes being beaten.

Rihanna is a large-foreheaded, beautifully-voiced, possibly gang-banging stupid twat. Judging by the welts, bruises, cuts and bleeding on her face, she was hit a number of times by CB.
I will not feel sorry for her after the next beating.
It's coming. This guy has problems. 19 and beating women?!
Studies, experience and history show guys like this don't change and this was only the first act of violence towards her - the first we know about.
We read about incidents such as this quiet often - celebrity, but mostly the general public.
Unfortunately, the article is usually about the death of a woman at the hands of her lover after staying with him despite previous episodes of domestic violence.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chris Brown...Neanderthal?

Take a look at this guy. Neanderthal?...Cro-Magnon?
Check out the side view. That f'in forehead jutting out. Eyes a little bit sunken.
I'm not saying his caveman features had anything to do with the physical altercation with Rhianna, I'm just saying.

While I'm at it, what is with that forehead on Rihanna (and why doesn't anyone talk about it)?
You could screen a movie on that.
She need 10" bangs to cover it up.
She looks like a descendant of Tweety Bird.

Don't Call Your Child 'Kid'.

A while back, I was speaking with a friend about making plans to hook up.
He said he couldn't because, as he put it, "I gotta go pick up my kid".
That sounds f'in awful.
Believe it or not, your children deserve your respect.
When referring to them, use their name, say 'my girl' or 'my little girl', or use the word 'daughter'. Use the respective terms for your boy.
When you say 'kid', it sounds like you don't love them (at the very least, something along those lines) and they are a burden to you.

Stop it.