Monday, March 30, 2009

Annoyer of the Week.

It' s your choice.
Beyonce Knowles or Miley Cyrus.
I need your help because I can't decide.
Just send an email with your vote and I will tally them.
Results will be announced in exactly one week.
Use the following to help you vote:

Beyonce Knowles annoying bitch rant, I mean, song, 'Put a ring on it'.
Is this twat just trying to incite a riot between men and women? Goddamn, bitch, shut up. Imagine this filthy rich cunt antagonizing women just to sell a record.

Miley Cyrus' fake emotional outburst at the (100% commercial) Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. To use Miley-speak, 'Gag me with a spoon'. Who puts her up to this? Just another manipulated teen star trying to manipulate her fans.
I see alcohol, drugs and (probably) porn in her future. Does her Dad not have any control over her? What other normal 16, 17 year-old acts like this? None. Therefore, not normal. Absolutely not grounded. I can't wait for the porno.

Reminds of that knucklehead Ashlee Simpson. You remember her, the one with the buggered-up nose. Got a nose job because she looked the opposite of her sister - not-hot.
I remember her (happily, gladly, idiotically) stating she would go into a fast-food restaurant and order, like, everything and take a bite of each because she couldn't decide what to get. OMG, who raised this wench? Oh, I forgot, Joe Simpson - the one who commented on his older daughter's tits and said it was hard to hold those babies in.
I would not hit a woman, but it would be nice to bitchslap each of them.

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