Monday, August 24, 2009

KFC's New 'Double Down' Chicken Sandwich

Have you heard of it yet? This masterpiece consists of two chicken fillets sandwiching Swiss and pepperjack cheeses, bacon and the 'Colonel's' sauce. I didn't mention a bun because there is no bun. A Canadian newspaper estimates that it weighs in at 1 228 calories, but KFC has the caloric count at "just under 600". The final nutritional data is not in yet.
It is currently being tested in Omaha, Neb. and Providence, R.I.
It is actually called the KFC Double Down Burger and it looks incredible. I am such a chicken fan and deep-fried fillets (the healthiest cut) are my favorite. I am contemplating driving 5 hours to get one but, I will probably just wait until they are sold in my city (or nearby). To those out there who feel it is a bad idea to bring out such a product when America is so fat, let people eat what they want. I'll drink a glass of milk with mine, if it will shut you up.
And why is everyone complaining that the chicken is the bun? KFC is concerned about our collective health and decided to do away with the bread. Thanks, KFC.
And what about the guy/gal who eats a 3-piece meal? Or has a bucket for dinner with the family and eats 4 pieces, fries, gravy, coleslaw, pop and a piece of cake?

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