Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Tribute to Michael Jackson.

As a tribute to MJ, I am going to go out and bang as many hot-ass, sexy chicks as I can.
I am gonna make 'em moan with ecstasy, purr with pleasure, beg for more and lust for me.
We are gonna roll around in the sack and devour eachother. The passion, the thrill, the heat...will be unbearable - well, not really, it will be bearable. It will only leave us wanting more. In, out, up, down, all around.
Fellatio, cunnilingus, anal, oral, 69, foreplay (this should be a the start of this sentence), caressing, teasing, sweating...going all nite.
I am doing this because I think it is what Michael would want.


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